"Two Weeks" to 18 Months...

It’s been over 18 months of “two weeks to stop the spread” and unscientific and quite frankly, unjustifiable government lockdowns. Canadians are experiencing job losses, business closures and families are being pinned against one another.

“Two weeks” has lead us to a “show me your papers” society, and for what?! Our health? Our safety? No. For control, control of our movements, our families, our future.

While many have focused on the impacts government edicts have had on business and our freedoms, but many have forgotten to address the impacts they’ve had on Canadian families.

Family is the fundamental pillar in society. Strong families drive the economy, create healthy individuals and shape the future from within the four walls of their home and this is why some of the first attacks were directed at Canada’s families.

Children are being conditioned to believe that those around them are sick. Parents are being told to submit to a bloated government, losing their businesses and careers. The “new normal” governments are trying to force on our children are not only stripping them of their childhoods but are also robbing them of a truly healthy future.

All too quickly, Canada has morphed into a land of coercion, where mandatory vaccines are the only solution imaginable, and nearly every institution seems bent on forcing people to “choose” them.

Mandates are coercion. Unscientific regulations are coercion. What we are fighting for here at VoteFamily is for the liberation of each member of our families; dads, moms, children and grandparents.

There are great things in store for us and our families IF we choose to stand. VoteFamily stands with you. We are fighting for you. We will not give up.

And remember, our stand today is not for just for our present but for the future of Canada because as goes the family, so goes the children, so goes the nation, so goes the world.