The Power of Parents!

Parents have always been their children's first line of defense. This is fundamental to the creation and maintenance of healthy homes and societies. If parents refuse to stand for their young, there will be repercussions that reverberate well into the future.

Though government agencies and school boards have mandated masks for children or the COVID shot for activities, parents all across Canada have been sending us messages of how they stood up for their children; they wrote emails, called their child's schools and said NO MORE. And guess what? In the majority of cases, their children are still in school, mask free and jab free. This is the power parents possess!

Justin Trudeau, along with our state funded media, are now prioritizing getting experimental jabs into the arms of our 5-11 years old children.

Childhood happens once in a lifetime, and it is being stolen from our children. So-called “protective measures” have jumped off the deep end. One example is of children in Toronto who were told to not only wear masks (which we know do not work) but to also stop talking during their lunch break!

We know getting the COVID vaccine does not stop the spread of COVID nor does it stop one from being infected by it. So WHY is the government so desperate to get children the COVID jab?!

According to Candice Malcom of True North, “Of the 1.68 million COVID cases to date, the most infected age group are those under the age of 20. There have been approximately 350,000 cases in this age cohort, making up 21% of all cases. But despite experiencing the highest numbers of COVID cases, Canadians aged 0-19 experience the lowest hospitalization rate”.

And now, the courts are even muzzling and reprimanding unvaxxed parents from educating and protecting their children.

Children are resilient, yes, but children need us to fight for them! Here at VoteFamily, we will always stand in defense of Canada’s children and their right to live life to the full.

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