STOP the Emergency Act!

The peaceful protests in Ottawa have captured the world's attention, instilling hope into the hearts of nations.

But this week, the streets once filled with singing and dancing saw violence perpetuated by police on peaceful demonstrators holding the Canadian flag and saying the Lord's Prayer.

Trudeau unnecessarily invoking the Emergency Act ushered in violence and police brutality.

Police brutality was shrugged off by some and completely ignored by others. Who knew bouncy castles and hot tubs posed such a threat to cops that batons, tear gas and snipers would be deemed "necessary" and "proportionate"?!

The world gasped when they saw an elderly woman trampled by police horses whilst a Rebel News journalist was beaten by police with a baton and then shot at point blank range with a tear gas canister. 

Trudeau sees this moment as a power grab - we cannot let him have it. 

It's not certain that Members of Parliament get to vote on the Emergency Act this Monday as there is still the possibility that Trudeau will pull it. But to protect our rights, we must be proactive and take a stand TODAY.

We need you to contact your MP NOW. Tell them to vote NO to Trudeau's use of the Emergency Act. Find your MP HERE. 

The Canadian spirit has not been crushed on the contrary, Canadians have been gathering across the nation in even larger numbers to protest for the cause of freedom!

Never back down.