Government Postponed School...again

Government is upending our children's education not Covid 19.

Thanks to the CDC pushing talking points about the spooky Omicron variant, and the mainstream media spreading their fear-filled propaganda, provinces across Canada have decided to postpone school openings.

We know many of the negative affects government lockdowns have caused for our children, from increases in child abuse to incredible drops in IQ to heightened levels of eating disorders and depression in our youth.

Do our politicians not care?! It certainly appears that way.

Part of the fear around Omicron was stirred when people heard that it accounted for the vast majority of new COVID-19 infections BUT what people didn’t hear was that the figures being thrown around were significantly overestimated!

As of December 18, the CDC reported a whopping 73% of new cases were linked to Omicron. When only a week later, the CDC dramatically revised that figure, slashing it to a mere 23% — that’s a 50-point drop!

Where was the media and politicians on this?! Oh, right, they were busy ignoring the ACTUAL science and creating/implementing new anti-scientific, anti-freedom mandates.

The primary information that sticks with people are headlines but we at VoteFamily know there is ALWAYS a much bigger story than the propaganda pushed at us day and night.

What's worrying is how people would have heard or seen that 73% statistic pushed by the CDC and media and used it as justification for shutting down businesses, keeping kids online for school or demanding more people to go out and get the booster without ever hearing about the additional information we just gave you!

Politicians continue to upend our children’s lives – well, we are here to stand with you in defense of our children and pose a counterattack.

We are here to say NO MORE!

Here is what YOU can do to stand up for our children TODAY:

  1. Contact your provincial health minister (below is a list of provinces. Click your province for your minister's contact information) and express your frustration with the delay in getting our children back to school. (If you are in Saskatchewan or the Yukon, thank your health minister for sticking to opening day!)
  2. Write your local school board and express your disagreement with the delay in restarting school operations (If you are in Saskatchewan or the Yukon, thank your school board for sticking to opening day!)
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper publication! (Yes, many still read the local paper)
  4. SHARE this email!


Ontario: January 17th

Quebec: January 17th

Manitoba: January 10th

Saskatchewan: January 4th

Alberta: January 10th

British Columbia: January 10th

PEI: January 10th

Northwest Territories: January 10th

Yukon: January 4th

Newfoundland and Labrador: January 10th

Nova Scotia: January 10th

New Brunswick: January 24th

Nunavut: January 17th


Things you can do until our next blog to stay informed and encourage others!

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Mattea Merta

President,Vote Family