Tell the Senate to Vote NO to the Emergency Act!

The Senate is currently debating the extension of the declaration of emergency.

If the Senate doesn't approve of the Act's extension, it will immediately end.

The historic vote will happen tonight.

Contact your Senator NOW. Find your Senator's contact info HERE.

Some Senators have stated there is still a "potential threat" from Freedom Convoy protesters, but the Emergency Act clearly states it is to be used to deal with an *EXISTING* emergency not future emergencies or the mere possibility of one.

If there's another blockade or additional protests, law enforcement can handle both situations under current law - they don't require the far-reaching powers of the Emergency Act.

Senator Wallin stated in the Chamber today, "It's difficult to accept now, that bad decisions and inaction [by government and authorities], justifies using an Act reserved for the most dire national security crisis". 

There is NO emergency, therefore, NO justification for the Emergency Act. 

Call and email your Senators NOW!