Quebec has lost it!

Quebec is, yet again, targeting Canadians who have not taken a Covid19 injection.

Francois Legault, the Premier of Quebec, is ushering in discrimination in the form of a fine being presented under the guise of a "health contribution", a tax. 

This fine is discriminatory, coercive and WRONG.

What you should know:

Religious Freedom: This fine is yet another attack on Canadian's religious freedoms. How? When Legault says the "tax" is for those "who refuse to be vaccinated for NON-MEDICAL reasons" he paints a target on one of the larger groups refusing the Covid19 injections: people of faith.

Family Impacts: Legault's fine is just the latest coercive measure families are facing at a time when many have lost employment, are being denied access to education, entertainment & leisure activities and, seeing as this fine will be "significant" according to Legault, additional financial constraints could place families in difficult situations. This also impacts families on a more intimate level as well, as many will be affected mentally and emotionally. 

Discrimination: Roughly 12.8% of Quebec residents are "unvaccinated" (This number will continue to increase as many who took the first 1-3 injections will most likely not take more). These Canadians will be deemed "unvaccinated", causing their QR code (vaxx pass) to stop working and then be faced with a fine.

Federal Government: When asked if he would consider taxing (fining) Canadians who choose not to take the Covid19 injection, Trudeau stated that his government has “received that proposal with interest..." and that he will need more details on the policy before commenting further.

Trudeau's "interest" in this tyrannical measure is disturbing, then again, he did state he “admires China’s basic dictatorship”.

Future Impacts: The discrimination will not stop with these fines. It is not so hard to believe that people in the future will have their utilities shut off or be refused gasoline for their vehicles if not jabbed. This is why we MUST take a stand TODAY to prevent such things from happening!


What you can do: 

Call: Francois Legault - 418 643-5321 or 514 873-3411

Email: Francois Legault - Write to the Premier of Québec (

Mail: Édifice Honoré-Mercier, 3e étage
835, boul. René-Lévesque Est
Québec (Québec)  G1A 1B4

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Mattea Merta

President, VoteFamily