Pro-Family policies announced in Alberta

In his Throne Speech, Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney announced several pro-family policies that we at VoteFamily are encouraged to see being proposed and will keep you updated on once legislation has been brought forward.

1. "Patients facing end-of-life decisions must know that there are life-affirming options to physician-assisted suicide. Improvements will focus on beginning palliative care as soon as possible, and keeping individuals in their homes and communities..."

2. "Many vulnerable women and girls have inadequate support during pregnancy, which can affect their child’s health and life chances. To assist ... the government will significantly increase and expand prenatal benefits to mothers receiving AISH and Income Support."

3. " The three-day bereavement leave currently offered when a family member passes away will be extended to employees who experience a miscarriage or stillbirth, recognizing the pain and grief experienced by parents who lose an unborn child."

4. The Minister of Education "will introduce legislation to strengthen protection for school children, ensuring that staff who are found to have engaged in misconduct face the full force of the law. The bill will ensure that investigations into teacher misconduct are conducted by an independent body, ending the conflict of interest which allows The Alberta Teachers Association to regulate its own members."

5. "Parents know what is best for their kids. That is why the government will bring forward a package of regulatory improvements to help create new charter schools and better support existing charters to realize the promise of the Choice in Education Act."

6. "Access to specialized services will be expanded to home education families through a new program to ensure all children in Alberta, regardless of educational choice, receive the supports they need to be successful."