Peoples Party of Canada

PPC - Maxime Bernier


Maxime Bernier started the People's Party of Canada (PPC) in 2018 after leaving the Conservative Party of Canada where he served in several positions including that of Minister of Foreign Affairs in Stephen Harper’s government. The PPC has a strong focus on personal responsibility, protecting Canadian's freedoms and has a libertarian bent. 

COVID-19 and Bernier's Response:

This election campaign has been filled with language from the majority of party leaders which demonizes Canadians who exercise their rights and freedoms, Maxime Bernier, however, has not been one of those leaders. The PPC states that it will NOT introduce discriminatory vaccine passports, it will oppose provincial governments who impose authoritarian measures while supporting individuals and groups that challenge such measures in court. Instead, the PPC will focus on the most vulnerable and "support medical research and development of therapies to treat COVID-19 and other viral diseases."

“Vaccine passports are inefficient, unconstitutional and immoral,” Bernier told True North in August

The issue of mandatory COVID policies, most especially vaccine passports, is one of the greatest differences between the PPC and the other political parties. 



  • The PPC has committed to withdrawing Canada from the globalist Paris Climate Accord, abolish the Liberal government's carbon tax scheme (please note that all other political parties have pro-carbon tax policies minus the Christian Heritage Party) and "abolish subsidies for green technology and let private players develop profitable and efficient alternatives." The PPC has promised to prioritize implementing practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner, including bringing clean drinking water to remote First Nations communities.



  • Let provincial and territorial governments be fully responsible for health care funding and management, and fully accountable to their citizens for the results, while Ottawa will respect the Constitution and stop meddling and replace the Canada Health Transfer cash payments with a permanent transfer of tax points of equivalent value to the provinces and territories, to give them a stable source of revenue. Opposes and would repeal mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, and regular testing.



  • The PPC will support pregnancy resource centers maintaining their charitable status that the Liberals have committed to stripping from them during the campaign, ensure all Canadians can exercise their freedom of conscience to its fullest extent and abolish Justin Trudeau's radical feminist foreign aid agenda which sends hundreds of millions of Canadian's tax dollars to funding highly controversial items such as abortion and explicit sexualizing curriculums for children. The PPC does not have a set in stone abortion policy but has promised its members the freedom to debate the issue and for its elected representatives to have free votes in the House of Commons (there would be no caucus coercion). Maxime Bernier is opposed to Trudeau's talk therapy "conversion therapy" Bill C-6 and has promised to repeal Bill C-16 which added gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Bernier also voted against Trudeau's 2016 Bill C-14 which legalized euthanasia in Canada. The PPC does not have any policies regarding pornography or prostitution at this time. 



  • The PPC will restrict the definition of hate speech in the Criminal Code to expression which explicitly advocates the use of force against identifiable groups, repeal C-16 (Gender Identity) and M-103 (Islamophobia) as well as repeal any existing legislation or regulation curtailing free speech on the internet and prevent the reinstatement of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Maxime Bernier has also promised that, under a PPC government, federal funding would be withheld from post-secondary institutions violating student's or faculty member's freedom of expression.



  • The PPC will withdraw from all UN commitments including the Global Compact on Migrations and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change while continuing to work closely with Canada's allies. Phasing out development aid and focusing Canada's international assistance exclusively on emergency humanitarian action in cases such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.
You can read the entire People's Party platform here: