Parents Could Go To JAIL!

Trudeau’s Bill C-4 bans so-called "conversion therapy" and was rushed through the House of Commons with the help of Canada's Conservatives, NDP and Green Party.

Bill C-4, which is Trudeau's upgraded version of Bill C-6, will criminalize parents, pastors, and therapists. For example, if parents refuse to assist their child's request to take puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones before having a mutilating surgery or if parents take their child who wants to see a therapist for counselling, they could face up to five years in jail.

Here is what you need to know about Bill C-4:


  • Erodes trust between parents and children as parents may be snitched on for having conversations in their own homes with their own children about their child’s struggle with sexuality. If parents do not promote their children towards identifying with a sexual identity the child feels they are at the time, even if it goes against their biological make up, that conversation could be grounds for jail time.
  • Parents refusing to assist their child's request to take puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones in preparation for mutilating sex change surgery could face up to five years in jail.
  • Parents who bring their child to a pastor or therapist for counselling could face up to five years in jail.
  • Denies Canadians of all ages the right to obtain a healthcare service and their conscience rights.
  • Denies Canadians their God-given right to free speech and free expression.
  • Ensures that the only treatment offered to gender-dysphoric individuals affirms them as transgender and prescribes irreversible treatments such as cross-sex hormones and surgeries.
  • Prevents discussion of childhood trauma in same-sex sexual behavior or attractions.
  • Prevents counseling which seeks to reduce unwanted sexual behavior.
  • May be applied in such a way that would prevent clergy from providing comprehensive, faith-based counseling on sexuality or gender.


Bill C-4 amends Canada's Criminal Code making it a criminal offence to practice talk therapy or what it has been referred to in the past as "conversion therapy".

The Bill criminalizes counselling for Canadians who identify as LGBTQ+ wanting to reduce unwanted “non-heterosexual behavior.” The difference between the Liberal's previous attempts at passing a "conversion therapy" ban via Bill C-6 and Bill C-4 is that C-4 does not allow any Canadian, regardless of age, to get help in reducing unwanted sexual impulses (this could include the use of pornography or other avenues used to express sexual impulses), whereas C-6 only made "conversion therapy" an option for heterosexual teens and minors (gay or lesbian teens seeking similar help would have been criminalized). This unconstitutional law has the power to criminalize parents, pastors, and therapists. 

READ Bill C-4 here: Government Bill (House of Commons) C-4 (44-1) - First Reading - An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy) - Parliament of Canada

Bill C-4 is headed off to the Senate where it will be debated and voted upon. There are 105 Senators in Canada who represent entire provinces instead of ridings like Members of Parliament do. Please email or call your Senator and tell them to vote NO to this anti-family Bill! Find your Senator HERE and their corresponding contact information can be found HERE.

Standing against Bill C-4 is standing up for the rights of ALL Canadians and their right to seek professional help when wanted.