Injecting Canada's Children

VoteFamily is deeply concerned with HealthCanada’s approval of Covid injections for young children, especially after reading reports of some of the side-effects older children are experiencing both at home and abroad.

While many countries are halting the administration of these experimental drugs for children (which are still in clinical trials), Canada’s government is going full steam ahead!

We have had parents inform us that their children are being coerced into getting the injection in Ontario while adults in Saskatchewan are calling kids superheroes if they take the jab. 

In many Canadian provinces, children can even consent to their own medical treatment (vaccines), so with vaccine clinics up and running in schools, will parents collect their kids after school, only to discover their child has been vaccinated against their wishes?


Recently, there was a call put out for parents to have their six month old babies to five years old children USED for a Moderna vaccine trial in Halifax. At the same time, Canada’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam says that by early 2022 Covid injections for toddlers and babies will be ready.

Again, WHY is Canada ignoring what is happening to the youth of France, Norwary, Taiwan, Sweden, Finland and so many others?!

What risks is the government asking parents to take with their young children?

This is where it gets really interesting...

The FDA said it would take them 55 years to release the data on the Pfizer injection, this is inexcusable. In the FDA’s first dump of information on the Pfizer injection, the data was devastating. On page 34 of the FDA’s briefing document is Table 14 which claims that if 5-11 years old children received two doses of the Pfizer injection it would prevent 0-3 deaths of children per million vaccinated.

This is perhaps the most disturbing information provided in Table 14: that the Pfizer injection would cause between 53 and 106 excess myocarditis cases, 17 to 34 excess myocarditis ICU admissions and between 29 to 58 excess myocarditis hospitalizations. Shockingly, this same table goes on to say that the Pfizer injection will cause ZERO excess myocarditis deaths. Yes, you read that correctly.

Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is the body who approved Covid injections for children aged 5-11 and issued a report which is far from a glowing endorsement of these experimental injections.

Interestingly, the NACI report does not support having children 5-11 years of age being a part of a vaccine passport system, yet Trudeau’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra, recently stated as “more children become vaccinated we will reassess that (travel) policy but for now there will be no changes.”

Did you catch that?! The Minister deliberately used the words “but for now” which is a clear indicator that the government is already considering this “change” in policy that will, yet again, negatively affect our families lives.

What is encouraging to see are fellow Canadians standing up for our children and all of our freedoms, like the parents in Alberta who stood up against discriminatory vaccine passports and citizens in Saskatchewan who protested discriminatory mandates in schools!

Friends, let’s continue to connect the dots, make others aware of what is really happening and refuse to remain silent or complacent.

The government’s narrative is crumbling and that is only because we are standing together!