Let FREEDOM Ring! Trucker's Convoy 2022


Truckers all throughout Canada are driving to Ottawa to demand an end to Justin Trudeau's discriminatory mandates which harm families and hurt our nation! 

Don't know what we're talking about? Here's a quick explanation: Justin Trudeau's vaccination mandate for truckers came into place on January 15, 2022. The mandate requires Canadian truckers to quarantine if they do not have the Covid19 injection when crossing the border into Canada. The truckers are marching towards Ottawa to demand an end to all mandates and for our government to uphold every Canadian's fundamental rights and freedoms.

Government funded media is painting this pro-freedom convoy as "far-right" and "anti-vaccine" - it is neither. Roughly 90% of all truckers have the Covid19 injection and there are people from every political affiliation involved!

This massive convoy is an expression by truckers of Canadians. Canadians who are done. Done with the overreach by our governments. Done with the unscientific mandates. Done with the stripping away of our freedoms. 

Though this will be, quite possibly, the largest peaceful demonstration by the Canadian people in history, Canada's political party leaders had been silent on it until Justin Trudeau finally came out and said, "the best way to ensure our resilience in our supply chain and economy is vaccination". When pressed further, the ONLY remedy Trudeau gave to quell Canadian's fears about a supply chain crisis was for Canadians to get the Covid19 injection.

Trudeau went on record, calling the tens of thousands of Canadians driving to Ottawa, as well as those showing support on the side of highways, a "small, fringe minority". Based upon the nearly 700K in the Freedom Convoy 2022 Facebook group, over $6 million in donations and the outpour of support from the people on the ground, as well as internationally (Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and several political figures have all expressed support), it's easy to say - this freedom movement is neither "small" nor "fringe" nor a "minority". 

Conservative Party leader, Erin O'Toole, has continually dodged questions on the subject whilst Members of his Caucus are speaking out in support of it. 

Two federal political party leaders who have been consistent in their support of the Convoy are People's Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernierand Christian Heritage Party leader, Rod Taylor. 

We know everyone can't get on the road and head off to Ottawa, so here are some ways you can show your support!

1. Use the Freedom Convoy profile picture on social media!

2. Contact your federal Member of Parliament and express your support of our truckers. Copy and paste the email template below and insert your information. (Find your elected Member of Parliament here

"Dear {insert your Member of Parliament’s name},

As a Canadian citizen, I am emailing today to express my support of Canada’s Freedom Convoy 2022. This convoy is a peaceful demonstration in support of every Canadian’s rights and freedoms which have been under attack by our governments use of unscientific mandates and lockdowns.

The Freedom Convoy is not an “anti-vaccine” rally, it is a pro-free choice rally. 

I implore you, stand for choice. Stand for Canada. End the mandates.


{insert your name here}

{insert your address here}

{insert your phone number here}"


3. Donate to the Fundraiser by Tamara Lich : Freedom Convoy 2022 (gofundme.com)


4. Share why you stand with our truckers online and use the hashtags #IStandWithTruckers #FreedomConvoy2022

Our freedoms are worth fighting for. Defending them now means our children and our children's children will get to experience them also.


5. Talk with your children about the importance of taking a stand for our rights and freedoms. Teach them about Canada's Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights


6. If you know someone on the road to Ottawa, thank them.