Critical Race Theory - WHAT is it and WHY does it matter?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not an American issue, it is very much so a Canadian issue. One that has existed for decades and one that is accepted in Canada even more so than in the USA.

Not only are our public schools teaching and promoting CRT, but so too are faith-based schools, faith denominations such as the Canadian Baptist's of Ontario and Quebec and various industries across the country.

CRT in the classroom teaches children to view everything through the lens of race and power. It teaches children that race is more important in their lives and to their future accomplishments than character, developing a good work ethic, their dedication to family/friends, intelligence or personal responsibility. CRT is the opposite of progress. 

Though we mostly hear news coming out about CRT out of the United States, CRT is also here in our children's classrooms and it doesn't matter if you're in a "conservative" part of the country or not, CRT is impacting our youth.

Canada’s federal government established an “Anti-Racism Strategy” while provincial governments have committed to implementing critical race theory in our children's classrooms now more than ever before. One of the primary aims of CRT in Canada is to make white Canadians more accepting of the idea of “systemic racism" and their "role" in perpetrating it. 

Peel District School Board has added courses to its curriculum that replace that “challenge dominant colonial narratives and promote student’s epistemologies in education from kindergarten to Grade 12.”

Though many people remain in denial over the prevalence of critical race theory in schools, a presentation from Peel District school board explicitly says some of these courses explore contemporary Black culture in Canada, through the lens of Critical Race Theory.


CRT was created by legal scholars in the United States in the 70's, with the two primary founders being Kimberle Crenshaw and Derrick Bell. They believed that the civil rights movement, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, didn't accomplish enough.

Proponents of CRT often talk about "color blindness" (the act of judging others based upon their character and not the color of their skin) being that of a myth and that it is an act of racism. 

Abraham Kennedy a leading scholar on CRT said in his book "How to be Antiracist" that racism is only wrong if it leads to racial inequity while racial discrimination is good if it leads to equity. He also states that past discrimination needs to be matched with present discrimination. This is why our children are learning that, for example, Canada is systemically racist and that it will always be, thus the "need" for CRT which is promoted as a means of minimizing the impact of racism. Children with light skin are told they are inherently oppressive while children with dark skin are told they are oppressed and will never rise above the "oppression" of their light skinned friends and society at large. And then there's the issue of "equity"...

Now, equity is not the same as equality. Within the confines of CRT, equity means equality of outcomes primarily between racial and ethnic groups. That is a far cry from the unifying fundamentals we see within equality. Equity is borrowed from the Marxist concept of "equality for all". 

The predominant issue with CRT is that it teaches our youth and children that discrimination, predominately perpetrated against people with a white skin tone, is just if it is done in the name of and for the cause of "equity".

What We Can Do:

  • Key words to watch for when seeking to determine if your child's school library/curriculum carries pro-CRT books and resources or if your employer is promoting pro-CRT language: "Equity", "White Privilege" and " Systemic Racism".
  • Contact your child's teachers and A) ask if any of the above "trigger words" are used in your child's curriculum and then B) request physical copies of your child's curriculum and to view their school library. 
  • Look over your child's mandatory reading list and do a quick online search of the books recommended.
  • Names to look out for in your child's school library: Ibram X Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Bell Hooks, Naomi Klein, Judith Butler, Catherine McKinnon, Ta-Nahesi-Coates, Andrea Dworkin, and Angela Davis.
  • Look out for these pro-CRT books which are used to indoctrinate our children in kindergarten to grade 12: Antiracist Baby, Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness (Ordinary Terrible Things), How to be an Anti-Racist, White Fragility and Woke Baby.
  • Children's book indirectly discussing the harms of CRT: More Than Spots & Stripes by The Hodgetwins.