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Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader, Erin O'Toole, was elected party leader in the 2020 CPC Leadership Race and has since shifted the party to projecting more of a liberal lite persona than that of holding to principled, conservative stances. 

During the election O’Toole has been performing well in the polls but if we look carefully at O’Toole, we see that there are menial differences between
O’Toole and Trudeau when it comes to public policy. Consider the following:


• On COVID issues, O’Toole has insisted that, when it comes to lockdowns and vaccine mandates, both he and Trudeau have virtually the same heavy-handed, mandatory vaccine tyranny. O'Toole has gone on record saying, “A Conservative government will require unvaccinated Canadian passengers to present a negative test or pass a rapid test before getting on a bus, train, plane or ship" and while in Quebec City, O'Toole said, “Vaccines are a very important tool for combating COVID-19. I encourage all Quebeckers and all Canadians to get vaccinated, including my candidates and MPs. I expect my team to have a sold approach on all health measures across the country, including vaccines. But I will respect personal health decisions. But we need to use daily rapid testing if we have a candidate who is not vaccinated.”

• On “social issues”, O’Toole’s strategy has been to recast the CPC as a socially liberal party: "pro-choice" on abortion, and supporting the anti-parental rights Bill C-6. While on the campaign trail, O'Toole stated, "Let me be perfectly clear. As a pro-choice leader of this party (CPC), I will make sure that we defend the rights of women to make the choice for themselves with respect to their own health. We will make sure abortion services are available from one ocean to the other."

• Back in Trudeau’s first term, when most CPC MPs voted NO to Bill C-16, the “gender ideology” legislation that shot Jordan Peterson to fame, Erin O’Toole proudly voted with the other parties to support this left wing ideology. O’Toole remains a staunch defender of “gender ideology”.

• O’Toole claims to be for “free speech” and against “cancel culture”, yet, in the last month, he fired Jonas Smith, the CPC candidate in the Yukon, for speaking out against vaccine mandates. There are many other examples of the “cancelling” of pro-freedom and socially conservative CPC party members.

• Remember Derek Sloan? O’Toole “cancelled” this MP and former CPC leadership candidate as part of an ongoing effort to “purge” the CPC of the so-called “right wing”. This past January, O’Toole orchestrated Sloan’s ejection from the CPC caucus. O’Toole’s team then arranged for Sloan to be stripped of his CPC membership.

• O’Toole flip-flopped on a number of leadership campaign policy commitments: he reversed his anti-carbon tax position, and revealed that he would replace the Trudeau carbon tax scheme with an O’Toole carbon tax scheme. More recently, O’Toole flip-flopped on his commitment to support conscience rights for medical professionals.

• And did you hear about what O’Toole did to Pierre Lemieux? Just a few weeks ago, O’Toole’s team vetoed Lemieux’s application to run again as a candidate. You will remember Pierre from his days as a strong long-serving, pro-family MP (2006–2015) and for his impressive campaign for CPC leader in 2017. Most recently, Pierre was a strong supporter of Leslyn Lewis in her recent leadership campaign.


Beating Trudeau is on everyone’s agenda— but we need to be realistic about who Erin O’Toole really is and just how much he actually shares Trudeau’s agenda.