Christian Heritage Party

Christian Heritage Pary - Rod Taylor

Here are just a few policies in which the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) offers to Canadians this election.
- Restore protection from assisted suicide and euthanasia
- Support better access to palliative care
- Protect all innocent human life from conception and oppose abortion
- Restore the legal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman
- Support free speech
- Defund abortion, euthanasia, and gender reassignment surgery
- Protect the conscience rights of health care professionals
- Recognize that parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children
- Support parents caring for their children rather than subsidized daycare
- Protect children from harmful ideologies such as misguided theories such as gender fluidity, unproven climate change, economic socialism, etc., in the classroom
- Allow all Canadians to be free to practice their religion as long as it does not harm others
You can read the entire CHP platform at