Calgary Mayor wants more police to crack down on freedom protesters

Calgary's Mayor Jyoti Gondek has called for more police presence and action in response to ongoing freedom protests happening in Calgary this weekend. In a thread on Twitter, Gondek justified her call for additional police presence by insinuating that protesters marching through the streets were going against bylaws...they weren't. Freedom protesters were well within the Calgary bylaws and have been so since they started marching for the removal of restrictions and the possibility of their return.

Gondek should be seeking to further expand protections around the people of Calgary's rights to peaceful protest and their freedom to assemble, not trying to intimidate people by calling for additional police boots on the ground and the handing out of bylaw violation tickets. But Gondek isn't the only politician in Canada to call for more police enforcement with regards to freedom protesters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney have done so as well. 

Instead of the constant criticizing of the Canadians walking the streets in support of every Canadian's right and freedoms, maybe politicians should do as Justin Trudeau did at the Black Lives Matter protest on Parliament Hill - show up, walk with the protesters and at the very least, try to have a conversation with the people in attendance even if you fundamentally disagree with their stance and message. 

Canadians want ALL mandates that were implemented under the guise of protecting the public's "health and safety" from Covid-19 lifted and will continue protesting until governments at every level bring forward legislation to ensure that such brutal government overreach is never possible again.