Alberta Removing Restrictions...but Not Really

Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, announced today that his government is ending mask mandates for all children effective immediately. No masks will be required in or out of school. He also announced that vaccine passports would be dropped as a requirement starting midnight tonight. 

Though Kenney's speech sounded nice, what he didn't include is that he can still re-introduce vaccine passports, Healthcare workers/government staff/etc. must have Covid19 injections or face termination, the QR code system will remain and if a company wants to discriminate based upon health status - they can. 

Kenney also stated that citizens of Alberta will probably need to "take an annual Covid shot". This begs the questions, seeing as Kenney is still allowing employers to discriminate against employees based on their health status, does this mean this form of government sanctioned discrimination will continue indefinitely?

So this is our caution not to be fooled by announcements that merely sound good but to push for concrete promises whether that be a set in stone date or a signature on paper.

The dropping of the vaccine passport system and mask requirements for children are both good things, but they pale in comparison to the totality of the Covid infrastructure in Alberta that now needs to be dismantled. Politicians, regardless of political affiliation, are always playing a game. In Jason Kenney's case, in order to a) maintain his base voter support, b) appease the majority of Canadians (well over 54% who oppose restrictions) and c) look as though the Freedom Convoy at the Coutts/Sweet Grass border crossing were heard and subsequent actions were taken (Kenney wants the border open again), he is rolling back a mere snippet of the Covid restrictions he implemented. And even he acknowledged them as being harmful!

While people are cheering Kenney on for giving them peanuts, he is still holding the bag of them by maintaining the MAJORITY of mandates which he labeled as devastating and harmful!!

Kenney thinks giving you the bare, bare minimum is good enough - well, it's not. Push even harder now. Your freedoms, and that of our children, is worth our stand today.